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Our Condominium


Cloister Beach Towers was the first Hi Rise Condominium on A1A in Boca. It was built in 1966 Designed by E. Abraben Architects, Resort Architect, Boca Raton.


We are a Green building practicing Beach and Turtle conservation going back to the 60's.  For 7 years in a row we have won the State award for Turtle Safe Lighting and for following the Dark Sky initiative.  Our beach and site lighting was designed by an owner, a well known Lighting and interior designer, installation was enhanced and negotiated, again by an owner, a N.J contractor and head of our Building Committee.  We are very proud of them both.


In addition, to keep our air conditioning costs lower we are one of the few buildings on the beach that have a Geothermal building Heat Pump cooling system. Our system utilizes ground water for building and apartment cooling in individual heat pumps.  Every apartment has it's own individual Air Conditioning heat Pump operating from our ground water Geothermal system.  As the Department of Energy states this is one of the most efficient types of cooling systems.



Turtles on the Beach (March to October)

The leatherback (Dermochelys Coriacea) is the largest of the sea turtle species.  This marine giant is also the largest reptile alive today. They weigh an average of 270-680 kilograms (600-1500 pounds) and can grow to be 2 meters (6 ½ feet) long!  Leatherbacks are very different from the other sea turtle species.  Instead of a hard shell, they have a soft, black, leathery carapace with long ridges running from head to tail. This body form allows leatherbacks to live in colder, deeper waters and undergo long migrations. They feed primarily on jellyfish and can be found in small numbers on Florida’s beaches from February through May.


The loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) is the most common sea turtle in Florida.  They are considered threatened in our area, but populations in other parts of the world are endangered.  This turtle gets its name from the size of its huge head.  Adult loggerheads weigh an average of 110-136 kilograms (250-300 pounds).  They have a shield-shaped carapace that is rough and reddish-brown in color, and they grow to a little less than a meter in length (about 3 feet).  These turtles feast on whelks, conch, crabs, and anything else they can crush with their powerful jaws. Loggerheads nest on our beaches from April until September. 

 To learn more about the Turtles that we share the beach, read more about it on the GumboLimbo website: Click HERE.


View from the Ocean

Property Grounds &  Layout

We have

4 separate Towers

16 floors and a Penthouse floor (wider balconies)

128 Apartments

2 Apartments per landing

2 and 3 bedroom apartments.

​Several apartments have been combined into larger units.

Hotwire Fiber Optic high speed internet and TV Cable with HBO package & two free boxes.

Air conditioned locked storage rooms for each unit

One deeded underground parking spot for each unit in a secured garage.

Additional parking on an open parking deck for owners and visitors.

Bicycle Storage Room

Car Wash Station


For the layouts for apartments A to H (check the submenu under Property)

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